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At Arterior Wall Coverings, we’re here to help bring your vision to life! Elegant and durable, we appreciate the beauty wallpaper can bring to any space. When you work with an Arterior professional, you can rest easy knowing we strive for perfection in everything we do.

We specialize in the installation of designer wallcoverings for any size residential or commercial application.

Our installers will anticipate the needs of every project, saving you from any hassles and guaranteeing a beautiful finish. We can take care of it all; the prep-work, installation, removal- even the cleanup!

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We aim to exceed your expectations for any job, big or small. From the beginning, our professionals want to ensure you get the long-lasting, seamless, and beautiful finish that can only be achieved with proper preparation.

Our professional installers understand the importance of taking the steps to ensure your walls are properly prepared before installing a wallcovering. We fully assess your walls prior to installation and will do the following:

  • remove old wallpaper

  • degloss any enamel paint
  • clean the walls
  • fill in holes

  • repair cracks

  • remove any texturing

  • prime new drywall

Our professionals can take the guesswork out of wallcoverings. We can help you decide which paper will work best for your space and provide accurate measurements when it comes time to figuring out how much paper is needed.

From removing outlet covers to applying primer, we start the job off right to make sure you get the results you deserve.


When you want the job done right you hire professionals. At Arterior Wall Coverings, our pros are trained in all areas of wallpaper installation. Our methods and know-how ensure a stunning finish you can show off for years to come.

Our installers use only the best quality tools and materials to get the job done, quickly and efficiently. Our experience and skill will ensure you get a perfect finish; no crooked seams, peeling paper, or air bubbles.

We take pride in every installation because it is our duty to give you excellent work at a reasonable price.

Wallpaper installation can put you in a sticky place, and DIY mistakes can be costly. Rest assured that using Arterior Wall Coverings guarantees you’re getting the professional installation you deserve while sparing your walls from damage.

Removal & Clean-up

Arterior Wall Coverings are the wallpaper removal experts. We will remove cracked, peeling or water damaged wallpaper, giving you plenty of options for redecorating, including:

  • Applying new wallpaper

  • Priming and refinishing

  • Applying faux finish for a textured or patterned effect

We’ll never leave you hanging!

With all our services, we guarantee a clean and tidy space. You’ll never be left with shreds of old paper in piles on the floor. Arterior Wallcoverings takes care of the clean-up so all that’s left to do is admire the transformation.